A black and white film made to create timeless cinematic images

Inspired by the New German Cinema that blew into Berlin in the 1960s, Lomography's new film is taken from a reel of a film produced by a legendary German company that has shaped the face of cinema since the beginning of the 20th century. Originally used to make black and white films, this film with its sublime shades of gray allows for photos with a timeless charm worthy of cinema scenes.

A film made to push back the limits of black and white.

Unique for its high dynamic range and the possibility to obtain different rendering, each one as remarkable as the other, whatever the filter or the development process, this panchromatic emulsion is a blank canvas at your disposal to express your creativity. The basic sensitivity of this film is ISO 400 (27°C). Nevertheless, its flexibility allows it to be pushed up to 800, 1600 and 3200 while maintaining its tonal range and details. Capture the raw beauty of busy streets or slip away to a studio for naturally elegant editorials with stunning detail and refined contrast.

Developing your creations

This emulsion can be developed in the laboratory and at home using standard black and white chemistry. For in-house development, please see our charter below. The standard storage temperature for this film is 20°C, but we recommend a temperature of 10°C or less for long term storage. Exposing a film to temperatures above 20°C over a long period of time will affect its performance.


  • Kodak D-76

For standard development, we recommend using a Kodak D-76 type developer. This produces images with a moderate grain size and good contrast. It does not require any additional handling.

  • Kodak HC-110

When you need a wide margin of flexibility, we recommend using a Kodak HC-110 type developer. This will allow you to obtain full shadow detail, moderate grain size, and a wide dynamic range to preserve all the details in your images.

  • Ilford Ilfosol-3

If you want high precision or optical fidelity, we recommend using the lford Ilfosol-3 developer. This produces a fine grain and will give you excellent precision, good contrast and detailed shadows. It is perfect for prints and enlargements.


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