Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 (Luxurious Silver) Bundle Options

BUNDLE: + 20pk Film


• The Mini 40 lens is comprised of two components and two elements and has a focal length of 60mm. Film takes approximately 90 seconds to develop and the camera is powered by two AA-size batteries. Each fully charged set of batteries should be able to shoot approximately 10 Instax Mini film packs of 10 exposures each.

The Instax Mini 40 camera is an instant camera with a timeless design bound to reignite the feel of its earlier masterpieces before the advent of digital cameras.

The Instax Mini 40 camera design reveals a high-quality texture finishing, with the camera’s body accentuated silver touches to produce an overall exquisite design. The Instax 40 Mini includes an automatic exposure feature that modulates the level of ambient light when the camera shutter is active. Unlike many other cameras, the Instax Mini 40 can be easily used by a new user without extensive training, as they can produce high-quality photos with minimal assistance.

The device also has a Selfie Mode that can be activated to provide fine shots of the user.

There are several other exciting features present in the latest instant mini camera from Fujifilm.

Fujifilm has also launched the Instax Mini Contact Sheet Instant film, which combines with the Instax Mini 40 camera, and is a strong reflection of the classic film photography.

The goal of Fujifilm was to deliver a product that would be reminiscent of instant photographs that held away in the analog era. The Instax Mini Contact Sheet Instant film is only available in a single pack of 10 exposures.

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