Kenro Avenue Silver Plated Photo Frame from 6x4 Inch to 8x10 Inch with White Mat for Photo

Size: 7x5


  • STYLISH LUXURY DESIGN – A classic silver plated finish with a timeless white mat.
  • TWO PHOTO SIZES IN ONE FRAME – This frame comes complete with a white card mat which gives you the option of using the smaller photo size, or when it is removed, using the larger photo size stated in the title.
  • FREESTANDING OR WALLHANGING – This frame is finished with a black velour-lined easel back for portrait or landscape display, with the added option of wall-hanging thanks to the additional D-ring bracket.
  • EXTENSIVE RANGE – Kenro Avenue Series frames are available in four finishes: white, black and silver and rose gold and are available in a range of popular sizes. This series is part of the Kenro Décor range, which contains a diverse selection of on-trend, high-quality photo frames to suit every taste


Size specifications:

a) 8x6 Inch / 15x20cm with White Mat for Photo 6x4 Inch / 10x15cm

b) Twin Landscape Photo Frame 8x6 Inch / 15x20cm with White Mat for Photos 6x4 Inch / 10x15cm

c) 9x7 Inch / 23x18cm with White Mat for Photo 7x5 Inch / 13x18cm

d) Twin Portrait Photo Frame 9x7 Inch / 23x18cm with White Mat for Photos 7x5 Inch / 13x18cm

e) 8x10 Inch / 20x25cm with White Mat for Photo 8x6 Inch / 15x20cm

f) 12x10 Inch / 25x30cm with White Mat for Photo 8x10 Inch / 20x25cm

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